Free to be Fun and Flirty at Forty

I joined the 1st wave of the “Great Resignation” back in May 2021. I decided to bum it out for two months — traveled solo locally, wherever and whenever I can, and I even lived near the beach to surf for half a month. A company called to hire and so I got back to the rat race August 2021 thru this Mainland Chinese-owned company whose stakeholders have money but no manners. The pay is good but my heart is not in it. I mean, 7 months into working again, I’m seriously contemplating walking away from it entirely. To distract myself, I went back to school and earned an Executive Certificate from Harvard Business School and even started learning Mandarin Chinese but alas, I am as bored as ever.

In February 2022, I decided to leave the place that I’ve been living in for 7 years to move to a city 7 km further up East that has a Mayor whose style of governance I acknowledge. I sense that a change in living space (and perhaps, even a new job/position/profession within the area) can channel new energy in. Ultimately though, I would prefer to own property outside of the city surrounded by nature and have a partner to build/develop it with, and we will create a life of love together.

This 40 y/o me is the best version of the 27 y/o me that my 12 y/o me always dreamed to be!

If you are a 40-year old never-been-married single woman who is trying to raise a young man alone without financial support from his biological father for 17 years, then you would know why I am guarded, discerning, tough and independent.

Don’t get me wrong. I was never bitter. I made a choice and I stand by my decisions. I have no regrets. Amor fati.

I live by faith. God’s love is with me at all times. His Grace is my justice.

I’ve been blessedly alone for almost 7 years and I love being single! Lately though, I have a strong soul desire to share of myself in a way that I never have in this lifetime yet. If God wills it, then the Man I am to be with is here and he is near. It is only a matter of Divine Time.



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Soul Foolosophist

Soul Foolosophist

A student of life: In service to goodness, beauty and truth. Like an open journal, I write for myself — for therapy, catharsis and sanity.