Heart’s Desire

One lovely Saturday morning in the midst of fussing about around the house, I felt a sudden expansion in my chest. I ended up a weeping heap on my knees, bowing with my forehead on the ground, and spontaneously expressing gratitude to God (even as I write this now at 4:23 am on a Sunday, I can feel tears well up). I’ve always been aware that I am at a place in my life wherein I am earning well, able to provide for my loved ones, and I share what I can to others. I am at peak health and I have the means to enjoy the sensorial pleasures of life…to me, I feel wealthy! I daresay I am quite content albeit somewhat bored…Nonetheless, I am happy. Truly!

Staring contest, anyone? Well, it’s better than being challenged to a Slapping tournament… :)

Lately, I have been contemplating about “what is next?; “am I missing anything/something/someone?; and what else is there?”. I am that person who never compares my achievements and accomplishments to others. I do not have mentors. I have lived long enough and have had experiences in this lifetime to know that when I apply force or control, it never prospers and so I have learned to let things be and practice a “let it go, let if flow” state of living. I may wonder, but I often ultimatelty say: God, I surrender to Your Will!

I sense I am about to start another New Cycle, (another one of what I call a-lifetime-wthin-a-lifetime). In order to start fresh and clear, I am turning my back on old paradigms, releasing emotional attachments and cutting ties to those that will not be of service to the highest good of my soul.

I pray for Divine inspiration to engage myself in worthwhile and fulfilling endeavors that would be financially and emotionally rewarding. I pray to be with the Life Partner who God intends is right for me. I pray to be more patient and that I remain peaceful.

I can list all sorts of intentions (they are many) and be as specific as possible but yet I find that it is when there is no expectation of an outcome that one can truly live by just “being” and whatever will be, will be. So I exclaim: Surprise me God!



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Soul Foolosophist

Soul Foolosophist

A student of life: In service to goodness, beauty and truth. Like an open journal, I write for myself — for therapy, catharsis and sanity.