The Tribe of Subliminal Power

APOCALYPSE NOW. Humanity has reached a critical point in its development wherein the shadowy worlds of financial dealings, surveillance technology, the sex trade, the dark web, threat of mass destruction, the revolting perversion and corruption in the Church and the banking system, the capitalization of privacy acquired under the guise of public security measures and the potentialities of technocracy would need to be exposed, scrutinized, valuated and transformed accordingly.

“…the movement’s in motion with massive militant poetry…” -Rage Against the Machine

The Revelation

Through the passage of linear time there were occurrences of recurring themes, escalating in degree. They all happened within a 7 year period, every 84 years. Let’s look at the segments based on the pattern:

  • 1053–1060: crossbow invented in France; the Great Schism, in which the Western (Roman Catholic) and Eastern Orthodox churches separated from each other; a large supernova is observed by astronomers, the remnants of which would form the Crab Nebula; Chinese scientist Shen Kuocreates a theory for land formation, or geomorphology, theorized that climate change occurred over time, discovers the concept of true north, improves the design of the astronomical sighting tube to view the polestar indefinitely, hypothesizes the retrogradation theory of planetary motion, and by observing the lunar and solar eclipses he theorises that the Sun and Moon are spherical. Shen Kuo also experimented with camera obscura.
  • 1136–1144 Collapse of the Ancestral Puebloan culture at Chaco Canyon (modern-day New Mexico); The Anarchy — a period of civil war and the breakdown of law and order in England; thefirst Templar stronghold is established in the kingdom of León and Castile; the Saint Denis Basilica is completed in Paris and is today considered the first Gothic church ever built.
  • 1220–1228 The earliest known rockets, landmines, and handguns are made by the Chinese for use in warfare; Genghis Khan enters the Indus Valley in modern-day Pakistan; the Maya revoltagainst the rulers of Chichen Itza; St. Francis of Assisi, while praying on the mountain of Verna during a 40-day fast, is said to have had a vision; first evidence of the use of the Knights Templar as cashiers in documents relating to the English king (this essentially marks the birth of the modern banking system).
  • 1304–1311 Philip IV of France accuses the Knights Templar of heresy, arresting and torturing confessions from them, eventually burning 54 alive while their treasures vanish under mysterious circumstances; rise of the Aztec culture; Completion of Lincoln Cathedral in England, with the spire reaching around 525 feet (160 m) it becomes the world’s tallest structure (surpassing the Great Pyramid of Giza, which held the record for almost 4,000 years).
  • 1388–1395 The entire court of Richard II of England are convicted of treason and are all either executed or exiled; Templo Mayor, the main temple of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City), is built; The Chinese invent toilet paper for use by their emperors; King Charles VI of France orders the expulsion of all Jews from France.
  • 1471–1479 Muzzle-loaded rifles invented in Italy and Germany; Spanish Inquisition begins in practice; João de Santarém and Pedro Escobar cross the Equator and the southern hemisphere is discovered; Marsilio Ficio’s translations of the Hermetica into Latin, ‘De potestate et sapientia Dei’, are published; Vlad the Impaler declares himself reigning Prince of Wallachia for the third and last time — he is killed on the march to Bucharest and his head is sent to his old enemy Sultan Mehmed of the Ottomans.
  • 1555–1563 Floating dock in Venice, Venetian Republic; The Shaanxi Earthquake in China is history’s deadliest known earthquake; Georgius Agricola, the “Father of Mineralogy”, publishes his De re metallica; Elizabeth Tudor becomes Queen Elizabeth I at age 25; Queen Elizabeth I of England establishes the Church of England; the first printing press in India is introduced by Jesuits at Saint Paul’s College, Goa; Spain becomes bankrupt, throwing the German banking houses into chaos.
  • 1639–1646 Evangelista Torricelli invents the barometer; Blaise Pascal invents the mechanical calculator called Pascal’s calculator; Mezzotint engraving introduces grey tones to printed images; Wars of the Three Kingdoms, civil wars throughout Scotland, Ireland, and England; beginning of English Civil War, conflict will end in 1651 with the execution of King Charles I; René Descartespublishes Meditationes de prima philosophia — Meditations on First Philosophy.
  • 1723–1730 Gabriel Fahrenheit invents the first mercury thermometer; Longman, the oldest surviving publishing house in England, is founded; the first reported case of white men scalping Native Americans takes place; first recorded meeting of the Grand Lodge of Ireland in Dublin, making it the second most senior Grand Lodge in world Freemasonry and the oldest in continuous existence; Freemasonry is also established in France as an English import; Isaac Newton tells William Stukeley the story of how he developed his theory of gravity; an old woman known as Janet (Jenny) Horne of Loth, Sutherland, becomes the last alleged witch in the British Isles to be executed when she is burned at the stake in Scotland.
  • 1807–1814 The first plastic surgery is performed in England; Humphry Davy invents the first electric light — the first arc lamp; German Frederick Koenig invents an improved printing press; Peter Durand invents the tin can; Napoleon strips the Teutonic Knights of their last holdings; Mexican War of Independence; the Napoleonic Wars.
  • 1890–1898 Lumiere Brothers invent a portable motion-picture camera, film processing unit and projector; American W.L. Judson invents the zipper; The Wounded Knee Massacre was the last battle in the American Indian Wars and the crushing of an incredibly ancient people; Van Gogh commits suicide; fingerprinting is officially adopted for the first time; New Zealand becomes the first country to enact women’s suffrage; first gramophone record; trial of Oscar Wilde for homosexuality; Wilhelm Röentgen identifies x-rays; Henri Becquerel discovers radioactivity; J. J. Thomson identifies the electron, though not by name; Bram Stoker writes Dracula; H. G. Wells publishes The War of the Worlds.
  • 1974–1981 Giorgio Fischer, a gynaecologist from Rome, Italy, invents liposuction; the first face lifts were attempted; the laser printer and ink-jet printers invented; the push-through tab on a drink can invented; walkman and cell phones invented; various sparks (Altair 8800, ARPNET, founding of Apple) ignite the microcomputer revolution; microwave ovens and VCRs become commercially available; rise of a significant number of women as heads of state and heads of government in a number of countries across the world; Iranian revolution; oil and energy crises; Skylab re-enters Earth’s atmosphere and disintegrates spectacularly over Australia; Jonestown mass suicide; the first child born by IVF; development and mass popularity of ‘Space Invaders’video game (development of previous eras ‘The War of the Worlds’ notion).**

The common theme in the pattern involves churches or citadels being built or established, or their schism/collapse; horrific massacres taking place; the rise of legendary monsters from within humanity’s ranks; spectacular explosions in space witnessed; creation of weapons of mass destruction; the banking system involved in scandal, death or chaos; progress made with printing and recording technology and this technology often becomes instrumental in causing revolutionary changes in crime detection as well as arousing concern in society about privacy; the study and implementation of radioactive power sources and thermal technology advances; disposable mass conveniences created; issues involving gender and sexuality become more radicalized; body alteration develops and biotechnology leaps forward.

The Generation

A generation are people who are born and grew up in roughly the same period of history. They share many characteristics. Their attitudes are formed by common experiences and exposure to a collective theme.

Those born between 21 Nov 1974–16 Nov 1981* are “explorers”. It is a group that is mostly intense, exuberant and somewhat disciplined. “Mellow,” but also very cynical, relationships and sex are important to this generation (like other recent ones). Many children of the seventies and eighties feel the need to fill the cultural void in their lives by exploring the unknown and traveling widely***. They become aware of the stark differences with over-arching similarities in the human condition and the world at large.

This is not a competition of generations. This is a call to mobilize those who are 38 to 44 in earth years. This age group was exposed to what was, aware of what is and possess foresight of what will be. To be in testimony of the successes and witness to the failures of their predecessors, they see the lurking danger of inaction to their future, so the best of them are driven to investigate the roots of our problems and bear the weight of correcting the mistakes or at the very least, do enough to set up a platform that the future generation can build upon. (Still, there are those who may act out their alienation destructively by numbing/distracting themselves or going about their lives with eyes wide shut whilst complaining of boredom or being afflicted with anxiety/depression).

Subliminal Power

YOU. If you were born in the same generation as I am, we are presently in the position to alchemize resources and utilize all channels in order to initiate the unfolding of intricate lies, unveiling that which is hidden and calling out open secrets for what they really are.

Standing at an apex, in the middle of the scale, our generation holds the power to influence the balance of human development potentialities.

Supraliminal power is expressed using various media to convey a message through our profession, hobbies, creativity, and in whatever obvious manner we apply ourselves. Everyone can wield it. It is direct and can generate an immediate reaction with short-lived effects.

“I am an arms dealer fitting you with weapons in the form of words…”- Fall Out Boy

Whatever it is that we do, we carry with us the responsibility of impacting future generations with how our generation lived: What we do with the state of the world that we inherited, the choices we make and the actions we take, individually and collectively.

That is an expression of subliminal power. A legacy for the ages.

Let our generation be the kind that the future generation will not be hateful of, and instead, be grateful for.

(Sidenote: If I can explain to you how subliminal works, then it’s no longer subliminal.

I am looking forward to working closely with and mentoring the generation born between 2003–2010: “The universal free spirits”. )

*excluding 1 May — 8 Sep 1975 and 17 Feb — 20 Mar 1981

** Excerpt from by David Coleman

***Excerpt from